United Steel Supply offers a variety of colors from which customers can choose for their building projects. We offer up to a 40-year limited paint warranty for all of our colors and have the capability of providing custom-tailored solutions according to our customers’ unique specifications.

United Steel Supply’s paint coatings provide reflectivity performance levels meeting ENERGY STAR® criteria.
Solar reflectivity or reflectance (SR) is the measure of a material’s ability to reflect solar energy or sunlight from its surface. SR values are numbered zero (0) to 1.0. A value of 0 indicates that the surface absorbs all solar energy and a value of 1.0 indicates total reflectance. ENERGY STAR requires an SR value of 0.25 or higher for steep slope roofing (above 2:12) and an SR value of 0.65 or higher for low slope roofing (2:12 or less). For more information, please visit www.energystar.gov.

The Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is used to determine compliance with LEED® requirements and is calculated according to ASTM E 1980 using values for reflectance and emissivity. Emissivity is a material’s ability to release absorbed energy. To meet LEED requirements, a roofing material must have an SRI of 29 or greater for steep slope roofing and an SRI value of 78 or higher for low slope roofing. For more information the United States Green Building Council’s Web site at www.usgbc.org.

By using our coils for your metal roofing panels, you have the capability of reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency.

Color Charts

** See page two of the color chart for colors we stock. **

Types of Paint

Silicone Polyester

United Steel Supply offers the WeatherXL™ paint system, a silicone polyester coil coating. WeatherXL is ideal for agricultural and industrial applications.

The WeatherXL system is known for its astonishing color and gloss retention along with its superior resistance of chalking and fading. This is because of a unique formulation combining durability of ceramic and other pigments with the strength of a breakthrough proprietary silicone polyester resin.

WeatherXL is a two-coat system that is highly resistant to stains, abrasions and metal marking, allowing it to withstand physical abuses, such as fabrication, transit and construction, while minimizing cracking and marring.

For more information on the WeatherXL system, visit Valspar’s website.


Super Dynapon®, our exquisite and durable polyester coating, is used for coils that meet or exceed AAMA 2604 specification requirements. This coating system is designed to meet the application and performance demands of the commercial market.

The Super Dynapon® formula consists of ceramic and other select pigments that provide high performance against color fade. The high molecular weight polyester resin system resists chalking and provides excellent adhesion. Super Dynapon® offers excellent resistance against abrasions and marring to endure the physical abuses that can occur as a result of normal application, fabrication, transportation and installation.

For more information on the Super Dynapon® system, visit Valspar’s website.


Kynar 500® is a premium fluoropolymer coating, which is a field-proven, high performance exterior quality finish. The resistance offers superior color retention, resistance to chalking and chemical degradation.

Kynar 500 coatings are great for residential and architectural roofing panels and pre-engineered building panels. The adhesion and flexibility capabilities of Kynar 500 offer exceptional post forming performance to enhance the appearance of our products for many years.

For more information on the Kynar 500 system, visit Valspar’s website.